Become a Chaeve/Power to Exhale Vendor Today! Let us get you started!

Want to take your Power to Exhale Empowerment Experience to the next level?  Sign up to become a Professional Chaeve/Power to Exhale product vendor! Time out for living paycheck to paycheck!  All you need is hustle,  a good attitude, and determination…we\’ve got the rest!


We are so excited to announce a brand new way to create a home-based business!   No risk.  You now have the opportunity to sell your books, your glasses, your products, your goods without having to pay a vendor fee.  You simply pay us a small percentage of your sales, and we move forward like clockwork!

You’ve got the goods.  We’ve got the platform and the marketing.  It’s time to take your business to the next level! 

CHAEVE/Power to Exhale will take a 10% fee of the total selling price of every item you sell.  You keep the rest, so when setting your prices for your various items, you must consider the 10% fee you will be charged.  When uploading your item to be considered for featuring on our website, please, also include the suggested shipping price that will be passed on to the consumer to pay.  As the seller, those monies will be included in your payout for shipping.  You will be responsible for shipping every item, and you will get an email for every one of your items sold.

No monthly fees to be a vendor!  No hidden agendas!